Pixelfusion 3.3

Pixelfusion is a WMP plug-in which removes the "blurry" effect of a video
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Pixelfusion is a video plug-in which improves the video quality of your Windows Media Player. Pixelfusion uses a new technology that enhances digital video to make it sharper and clearer. Whenever you download a video from the Internet, you are not given the best quality of videos even if you are downloading the best video formats like VOB or MP4 class videos. Mostly the videos you download are configured to less resolution and less bit rate in order to reduce the video size or reduce the download time. If you want to stretch the video resolution in your video player, then the video will not be quite good to be watched. The video may look more blurry. PixelFusion attempts to digitally guess the pixels that existed in the original high resolution source, to create a visibly clearer image.

Pixelfusion can automatically adjust the brightness and contrast according to the dark or bright scene, it means you are given a constant quality of video without moving your hand. You can enable or disable Pixelfusion plug-in manually or you can set it for automatically enabling and disabling according to the resolution.

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  • Amazingly improves the video quality of downloaded bad quality videos


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